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The Inkling Of The Holy Spirit

Following the Holy Spirit starts with the small things. Many times we overlook the small things and only pursue the big things. This sermon will teach you how to begin to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

How Would You Live Your Life?

How would you live your life differently, if you knew Christ was going to return in six years?

Don’t Look Back

Don’t give your past power to define your future.

Is Salvation Really That Simple? 

Salvation has been presented as the easiest thing you will ever do. Just call on the name of the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved. But what did Jesus say about this most important subject? What does the whole Bible say about this subject? Is it more to salvation than just calling on the name of Jesus?

Bold As A Lion

Never let another person put you down when it comes to your faith and never let another person assume that you haven’t changed a bit.

Is Your Remorse Enough? 

What is the difference between being remorseful and real repentance?

Your Plan of Action

Before you fall into temptation what is your plan of action?

How Do You Know You’re In The Right Church?

There are over 600,000 churches in America, how do you know that you are in the right church?

When the Devil Tells You the Truth

Satan is referred to as the father of lies. However, many times he will use the truth about yourself against you.

Can We Hurt God?

Often we look at God as too big to hurt, but is this true? Does God have feelings and emotions? Can we hurt God?

What Will Make Me Happy?

Have you ever asked the question, what will make me happy? As we age, the answer to that question dramatically changes. In God’s church, especially as we age, we agree on the one thing that will make us happy. Learn what that one thing is.

What is Baptism? 

Millions of Christians are clueless as to what baptism really means, therefore they are ignorant on how to receive the Spirit of God! Learn the method for receiving the Spirit of God today before it’s too late. Get yourself educated by the Word of God instead of the pablum taught in your local church.

The Person God Uses

How do you know if God wants to use you in His service?

Heaven or the Feast of Trumpets

Does the Bible promise Heaven or the Feast of Trumpets?

The Many Faces of Sin

Many Christians believe that all sins are the same. The Bible tells us if you break one, you are guilty of breaking them all. However, are all sins the same in depravity and intensity?

Why Is Paul So Misunderstood?

Why is the apostle Paul so misunderstood? From God’s perspective, is there a motive that God has for Paul being so misunderstood? Could it be God’s will for Paul to be misunderstood by most religious people?

The God That Wants To Bless You

When most people think of blessings they think of money and material things. But is there more to the way God wants to bless us than just money and material things? Who can God bless? Who can God not bless? What keeps us from being blessed by God?

 What Is A Christian?

What is the definition of a Christian?

Going Through a Dry Spell

Ten things to do when going through a dry spell.

The Message Every Christian Church Needs to Hear

Are we saved by works of the law or by faith? Some Christians believe they do not need to follow the legalism of the Mosaic Law because Jesus’ death on the cross abolished that works for righteousness system. Is this true or false?

The Goodness and Severity of God

Understanding God involves knowing there are two sides to God. Christianity nearly always focuses on the goodness, mercy, and grace of God. However, you will never have the proper fear of God until you understand the goodness and severity of God.


What Does God Want When It Comes to Real Revival?

What If?

In his book “Truth Talks,” William Backus says the average person tells himself 200 lies a day. What if most, if not all, of those lies were about what’s wrong with me? What if there was nothing wrong with you? How would you live your life differently?

Coming Out Of Egypt

In the Bible, Egypt is a type of sin. Sin is something we must strive to come out of. In this message you will see 7 steps for coming out of sin.

What Really Matters?

When it comes to religion, the simple minded have a much better idea about what really matters to God than the intelligent. It’s a strange thing, the more we dig, the more we pursue truth, the more we study and nit-pick, the less likely we are to understand what really matters to God.

 Ashamed of Christ

Have you ever felt like you were ashamed of Christ? Find out what really means to be ashamed of Christ.

The 3rd Commandment

The violation of the third commandment is the one commandment that will not be forgiven without repentance. But why? Is there more to taking God’s name in vain than adding a curse word to it? Could you be guilty of taking God’s name in vain and not even know it? Find out what it really means to misrepresent the name of God.

 Do Not Carry God’s Name In Vain

What does it mean to carry God’s name with you everywhere you go? Find out how many people and churches have carried God’s name in vain.

Peace of Mind

How can you have peace of mind in a world that is gone mad?

 The Day of Atonement

Find out how Jesus Christ atones for our sins, past and present.

Will I Ever See My Favorite Pet Again?

There is an old saying that goes, “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.” There is a special attachment that we form with some of our pets; in fact, some people even start to resemble their favorite pet. This message will answer the question, “Will I ever see my favorite pet again?”

 A Perfect Father

The problem is we interpret our relationship with our parents, and we transpose that relationship over to God our Father.

One Element of Faith

How we interpret our thoughts.

Why Are There Not More People In God’s Church?

Learn about the greatest obstacles for growing a church.

When We Care Too Much

Anxiety Isn’t about worrying too much, but caring too much.

Test The Spirits

How to test the spirits to see whether they are of God.

Subject to the Higher Power

When do we obey God? When do we obey the government? Is God and government one and the same? As a Christian our goal in life, if possible, is to live at peace with all men. What happens when government and leaders become corrupted? Are there examples in the Bible of godly men and women resisting authorities? Find the answers to these important questions today.

Does God Need You?

What is man that you are mindful of him?

Willful Sin

When we go through hard times it’s easy to start questioning God’s love for you and to think maybe I have sinned willfully too many times.


The power of forgiveness.

God Will Take Back America

God will take America back, but when?

Personal Evangelism

What is personal evangelism and how do we do it?

The Reason Some People May Not Like You

What is the one character flaw that exists in half the people in the United States?

Take Back Your Life

If you will not fight you will meet your destiny.

The God of Our Imagination

The God of our imagination is often the God we will get.

Making Sense of Our Pain

Questions to ask God when you are going through pain.

God Said, Do Not Kill

Why did God give Moses the commandments, “You shall not kill,” yet after they passed the Red Sea, God commanded them to kill anyone in their path. How do we understand this seemingly contradiction?

Healing Born Out of Suffering

God has something so much more important than just getting you out and free from this situation.


We will go around in circles until we get our attitude right!

Master Your Thoughts

How to master your thoughts.

When Religion is Bad

Is all religion good? It depends on how people use religion. It is people that make religion bad. Find out the many ways we can make religion bad.

Who is my Brother?

Are all people who profess to be Christian your brother in Christ? Learn how to identify a true brother in Christ.

Overwhelmed by Life

When God gives you more than you can handle.

Unlikable Moments

Jesus Christ had many unlikable moments, how much of our time is spent avoiding unlikable moments?

The Underdog

God loves the underdog.


What you will spend 1/3 of your life doing.

Atonement 2020

For those who desire a deeper repentance.

Gifts and Inadequacie

How to get along in the Body of Christ

Give God the Ball

We try desperately to solve our own problems; when times get tough it is an act of faith to give God the ball.

A World Gone Mad

When will the madness end?

When You Want God to Call Your Loved Ones

What can you do when you want God to call your loved ones?

Why Didn’t Somebody do Something?

In times of crises, what you do reveals your character!


The corona virus has revealed the spiritual temperature of our nation and we are on life support because of our fears.

How to be Happy

The secret to being happy.

The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God?


What is faith?

How to follow the Leadership of the Spirit. #3

Spiritual growth and leaning from other ministries.

How to follow the leadership of the Spirit. #4

Your attitude will determine which spirit you follow.

How to follow the Leadership of the Spirit. #1

This message deals with all the distractions that can keep us from following the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

How to follow the leadership of the Spirit. #2

Understanding God by the goodness and severity of God.

Does Jesus Love You?

Jesus loves all people but does Jesus love you as a disciple?

The Psalms of Salvation

What do the Psalms tell us about salvation? Just how were people saved in the Old Testament or under the old covenant? The Psalms actually reveal some of the missing pieces when it comes to the subject of salvation.

The Witness of Obedience

The greatest hindrance to the gospel is that we are too concerned about what people think of us!

The Fear of Death

Most people live a life of quiet desperation because of the fear of death. Learn how to get past the fear of death.

Do the Work

The key to empowerment comes from incorporated the great commission into your work.

Real Repentance 

Millions of people have gone down to the altar, given their hand to the preacher and heart to the Lord without a trace of real repentance. Learn the truth about real repentance.

Your Thoughts

There is nothing in this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts.

Planning for the Feast

Start planning today for the Feast of Tabernacles.

In God’s Time

If you can understand God’s Timing, you can understand God.

The Great Distractions

What keeps us from truly knowing God?

Sick of what’s Wrong and what’s Right

What leads a Christian to get to the point where we get sick of what’s wrong and what’s right?

The Evaluation that Counts

When we live our lives unaware of the evaluation that counts we can become an emotional wreck because of the desire to please people.

What Really Concerns You?

Are we concerned about the things of God or are we just playing church?

What Do You Fear?

What you fear reveals the depth of your conversion.

The Benefit of Self-Kindness

We are kind to our pets, other people, but are we kind to ourselves? Learn the benefit of self-kindness.


What do you do when you feel forsaken by God?

The Armor of God

What is the full armor of God and how to use it

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Before you can have a relationship with God the Father you must know who Jesus Christ was before He came in the flesh to die for our sins. Jesus Christ identified Himself as the I AM of the Old Testament. Learn about the real Jesus that most Christians have never met.

Fear, Hope, and Faith. Are You Ready?

Because we are spoiled as a nation, American’s are the most unprepared people in the world. Jesus said, be ready! But ready for what? Learn how your life is a reflection of preparedness. We either live our lives in a state of preparedness or we do not.

For The Bad Times

Why should you thank God for the bad times?

The Benefit of Not Knowing

Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. However, with human nature, there is a great benefit of not knowing. Learn how God uses our inclination for not knowing to His benefit. Also, learn how our playing dumb can hinder our relationship with God.

Ask, Seek, Knock. Thanksgiving.

Can you really be thankful for the hard times?

Lord Set Me On High

Are you aware of the negative impact that other people can have on you emotionally?

Shall We Continue in Sin?

Most religious people have a loser mentality when it comes to the subject of personal sins. Statements like, we all sin, and it’s not possible to keep the commandments reveals the loser attitude. Christ died so that we could be victorious over sin. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God Forbid.

A Servant’s Heart

Jesus said the way to greatness is by serving others, but there is a cost if you want to be great. This message will help you truly evaluate the price of greatness.

As in the Days of Noah

Jesus paints a grim picture of what the world will be like at the end time. Bottom line, human nature hasn’t changed a bit! But there is hope; after Christ returns God will set His hand to save mankind from his self-destructive behavior.

I Was Wrong

The three words God desires to hear the most.


One of the main reasons you get frustrated.

A New Beginning

Is your spirit being renewed?

The Community of the Spirit

What you should be trusting the most in your relationship with God.

How God Could Make America Great

In order for God to make America great, He would have to make all 450,000 churches in America great!

Leadership and the Family

Where does good leadership come from?

Filled with the Spirit

Why would God fill you with His Spirit?

The Pitfall of Positive Thinking

Can you make a bad thing good by positive thinking?

The Magic of 7

The Secret to Evangelism

Emotional Sins

Every sin that you have ever struggled with had a starting point, your emotions, you can overcome sin if you deal with it at the starting point.

The Sin of Abundance

Abundance is good but how we use our abundance can be downright sinful.

Facing the Enemy

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

The Salvation Process Room

The Biblical view of Real Salvation.

When Will You Change?

What real conversion is and why it’s so important.

The Greater Impact

Five ways you can influence your world in a greater way.

  1. The Impact of our actions.
  2. The Impact of Integrity
  3. The Impact of Beauty.
  4. The Impact of knowing what you want.
  5. The Impact of Love.

The Compass

How a nation loses sight of God’s will.